Wednesday, April 22, 2015

On Location in St. Mary’s County Maryland!

WOW! What an arrival! It has been around 20 years since our last visit to this beautiful waterfront area. On arrival the sun was shining, the fish were biting, and the fryer was hot!  I checked into the new Island Inn and Suites on St Georges Island and immediately fell in love with the accommodations. What a GREAT view of the Potomac! This place is on an island so you are waterfront on BOTH sides of the facility. Right next door, actually in the same parking lot is an awesome seafood restaurant called the Ruddy Duck. If you like fresh seafood, this is the place. What can I say, just arriving I was happy  as a duck in water. 

Our first filming for Rockfish started early the next morning. We are currently fishing the trophy season and yes we have already caught a trophy.  A Fat 41 inch Rockfish only to be followed up by a slot fish. The second Rock landed was a robust 38 inch fish. Hard to throw that big of a Rockfish back, but we did. For our first day of fishing that morning we hooked into one more monster but could not get him to the boat. The weather turned, and then it was time for the ride back to port. 

Captain Phil and his son provided a great charter and we so appreciated the captain for putting s on such big fish. We are hoping for a return trip later in the week to film more Striped Bass.

41 inch hog!!!
 JBO TV has been filming many attractions in the St. Mary’s County area, one of which is the Potomac River Maritime Exhibit. This is a must see while here as well as the lighthouse and welcome center. Did you know that there is a German U boat sunk right within sight of the Piney Point Lighthouse? The exhibit at the center is fascinating and we filmed some great footage of the exhibit for JBOTV.

Well only half way filming on this trip and I think I found “Nirvana” for my beautiful wife Donna. Yes, a Bed & Breakfast Winery. How Cool!! We visited Woodlawn and it really took our breath away. A gorgeous historic B & B featuring their own wine called Slack. We tasted some and bringing a couple of bottles back home. Excellent stuff!! This place sets right on the Potomac and it is just gorgeous.

Woodlawn B & B & Slack Winery

"Donna we are waiting for you"
We still have some days left filming, back on the water tomorrow and we are filming more cooking segments today at the Ruddy Duck. Lots more to come! Hey check this out..

Paddleboard Yoga!

Now here is something hat the ladies will LOVE, and quite honestly I had never seen this. Get ready for... Paddleboard Yoga! This was some serious fun and the ladies were very nice to let us film them. A great way to spend an afternoon on the water, just o much fun!

To check out all these wonderful attractions we are filming just log on to the 
St. Mary’s Website. Everything you need to know in order to book a trip here is right there. Book now while we are still early in the season. The fishing and the weather are just getting better everyday!

You could not find a better place to fish out of and bring the family than St. Mary’s. Loads of attractions, rich in history and awesome access to the Potomac River and Chesapeake Bay. A must visit!

More to come,

Jim Baugh
Point No Point lighthouse

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