Thursday, April 30, 2015

Jim Baugh's "Hooked & Aftermath" novels receive more five star reviews

Many thanks to everyone who have reviewed and enjoyed both Hooked and Aftermath. The kind reviews have been overwhelming and yes, the screenplay is in development now. Good Lord willing and the creek don't rise, hopefully by late fall or after the new year the project will be completed. The screenplay is based on both books and is busting with humor, and all the blessings that come from the Magnolia Tree.
Thanks again everyone. Tight Lines, Good reads and good eats!
Jim Baugh

April 27, 2015
I just finished this book and it is fantastic. It's written the best way a story can be told, so that it captures the reader and won't let them put it down. Jim's life and adventures are compelling and uplifting; as the stories are told in these pages, the reader is drawn in and can easily visualize what's happening and even picture themselves in similar situations. Totally believable, funny (at times hilarious and borderline nuts!), Jim's adventures in his everyday life make us want to know him personally and hang with him. For sure, there would never be boredom! It's funny, while one of the take-aways is that while Jim Baugh has had a great time in his life, the other is that he has worked hard for his fun. As a long-time boating magazine writer and publisher, I only wish I could write this way. Loved it and will definitely look forward to reading more from Mr. Baugh! 


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