Thursday, February 7, 2019

New Show! Jim Baugh Outdoors TV Offshore Black Sea Bass Mid Atlantic Feature Feb 2, 2019

New Show! Offshore sea bass fishing has always bee a fav for Jim Baugh Outdoors TV and this recent sea bass trip is no exception. We all had an absolute blast and have been dining on sea bass now for 5 days. This was a special show where our underwater cameras captured a double sea bass hook up 150feet below the surface. We also had great weather for this show, beautiful sunrise and sunsets, and I also wrote two new soundtracks for this episode, “Sea Bass Boogie” & “Bayside Sunset”. We also had a great crew on this shoot, saw and fished with some awesome old friends and made new friends as well. The bite is really good! To use Frank White (The Southern Sportsman) old saying, “Do yourself a favor, and take a kid sea bass fishing”. Enjoy! Godspeed, JB

PS: Thanks Ed again for the handmade JBOTV 2019 plaque. We love it!

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