Saturday, September 28, 2019

Milky Way Pictorial over 7 months of filming 2019 on the Eastern Shore by Jim Baugh Outdoors TV

Here is a pictorial of the shots we filmed from March-September 2019 of the Milky Way. The locations filmed from March-June were used in our short film "The Milky Way Galaxy Our Home" which has been selected for two film festivals and more announcements soon.

It has been an incredible filming experiance.

~Jim Baugh

March, 31st 
Mermaid Bay

April 4th

May 2nd
Cape Charles

May 7th
Red Bank

June 4th
Wachapreague /Cedar Island

June 21
Magothy Bay

July 1st
Mermaid Bay

July 28
Mermaid Bay Beach

August 31st
Mermaid Bay Beach

September 27th
Mermaid Bay Beach

Here is the short film that was produced from the first four months of filming

Link to blogpost for more info HERE

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