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New Release! Now available Piano Collections Vol 1 music/video DVD by Jim Baugh also on Amazon Prime Video

New release
Piano collections vol 1 Music and Film DVD
 by Jim Baugh

Includes the new sonata "Twilight" for orchestra and piano.

Run time 52 minutes, DVD format Stereo.

DISCRIPTION: Similar to some artist during the Windham Hill era of the 1980's, all the music on this DVD is set to film. Ranging from scenes of the Milky Way Galaxy filmed from never before seen dark sky sites over the Atlantic Ocean, to the bucolic underwater canyons and reefs of Cozumel, to timelapse sunsets over the majestic Chesapeake Bay, this music and film presentation you will find most enjoyable, relaxing, and inspirational.

This music is inspired from the works of many artist and labels including Windham Hill, Oregon, Metheny\Mays, and Keith Jarrett.

Tracks included on this DVD

Underwater Improv Piano Concerto -Piano and Orchestration
~Dixie Arrow
This was filmed of the coast of North Carolina, the Palancar Reefs and Canyons in Cozumel Mexico. and Baja.

Mermaid Bay -Piano (Live)
Live from the Peninsula Youth Benefit Concert and film of the Chesapeake Bay in winter.

Nightscapes -Piano and Organ
Filmed on four never before published dark sky locations on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. “The milky Way Galaxy Our Home” played in several film festivals after it’s debut at the Palace Theater in June of 2019.

“KE” -Piano (Live)
A composition dedicated to the style and works of Keith Emerson.

Twilight Sonata
~Prelude -Orchestra
~Dusk -Piano
Astrophotography time lapse and sunsets over the Chesapeake Bay

November Sky -Piano and Orchestration
Filmed on a late November Sunset at 400 feet overlooking the Chesapeake Bay.


Sample from DVD November Sky

Some reviews on tracks featured on this DVD
·         The music sounds great. Very moving piece of music, classical in style with a new age feel, the video goes well with it.  ~One World Radio UK

·         Really amazing!! ~Santiago Vera, Italy  

·         long dives in to the raw emotional shards of extended composition with no pop structure in sight. This piece floats and wafts, sometimes sad and buoyant to be broken by the quick flourish and bite of the trill fish, darting between the semibreves and bottom ooze. I think that it is adventurous and bold, it does indeed remind me of some of the drama of Beethoven and is more European to me in its currents and eddies. I could talk of production and sound sources but not today, l just want to listen and be washed by my mother the deep mysterious sea. Bravo.  ~ David Hill, Australia

·         It's the best and it made my day, God Bless you. ~ EM Nestsoul, Cape Town South Africa

·         Nice job Jim. ~ Mike Meyer, USA

·         For late night listening, I quite like it and I am always impressed by anyone who can actually make piano keys actually "tinkle". Improv skills really show! Also, it's simply beautiful! ~ Michael Sirois, Denmark

·         An amazing composition, sounds and performance. Well done with this Jim. ~ D William, USA

·         Man that was so good I just had to rub my face to help come out of the trance so I could try and compose some thoughts on what I've just heard. Without even the need of a title of any imagery I was immediately drawn under the waves, bubbles floating around my head as I swam deeper and deeper into this piece. There were some truly masterful parts counterpointed by "wash over me" phases that worked so well as a whole. Can you tell, I quite liked it?  ~ Ray Chapman, United Kingdom

·         Nice video man and great playing, good work, keep it up ~ Andy Dawson, USA

·         Absolutely beautiful.. realizing I don't typically listen to anything less than 30 minutes, but I figured what the heck I really don't have a lot going on in my life so I decided this one time .. seriously amazing piano and shows the bar as of right now has been raised by more than several degrees .. I actually never did lose interest straight thru. ~ Ray Pitts, USA

·         Beautiful. Mesmerizing, I love it! ~ Janice Lewis, USA

·         Love George Winston. December is a holiday staple around my home. As such, you can imagine I really enjoyed the piano work here. Very beautiful and very relaxing. Can’t say I honestly listened to the entire piece, but what I did listen to was beautiful (about 10 minutes)I’ll be back for the rest. Nice. ~ David Becker, USA

·         This is very good ! You really captured the feel of the water. ~ Mary McEwan, USA

·         I've given the concerto a listen. It is really quite nice. I like the inclusion of band elements in the 2nt movement. And again, the use of effects, which I've not heard you use prior.. reverb, delay.. is handled very well. Enjoyed this a great deal!!  P.S. Your technique is really stunning...whether used for subtlety or bravado.  ~Richard Lumpkin, USA

·         A wonderful composition, performance and video. Top marks for me Jim. Well done! ~ Douglas Williams, USA

·         So Soothing,  I Loved It! ~ Eva Winters, USA

·         I was overloaded by fish-school & glissandi, & decided to eliminate the visuals, & immediately memories of Keith Jarrett's improvisations on piano came to mind. Another movement arrives, & here the atmospherics contribute, connection to 3rd movement, Jarrett full chords played with gusto & glissandi reprise. Your command of the keys is sublime. Finishing with a spiritual surprised. ~ James Pembroke, Brisbane Australia

·         Beautiful music Jim! ~ Adam Abbity, USA

·         I can’t look at the ocean without thinking about how we’re killing it. The frenetic pace of the playing stirred me. ~ Trudy Fielding, Sydney Australia

·         Really nice film, keep up the good work! ~ A.D. USA

·         Well this is cool. A beautiful stirring piece full of emotion and possibly angst. you've hit the reaction mark, with this, loved the sweeping addition of the strings and orchestra washing away behind the frantic keys. Some beautiful highs and lows and superbly glued together for a truly dramatic experience. It had to be about water. Great stuff. ~ Alan Pullen, Strawberry Records Australia

·         Great job JB! ~ Betcie Thrift, USA

·         Amazing underwater footage! ~Vielen Dank, Germany

·         I Love your music! ~J. Sweard, USA

·         After several weeks of travel, I finally had enough internet service to watch Jim Baugh's musical video composition. From the first few moments I was totally enthralled. The music truly accentuated the beauty of the underwater video. A true master piece of music bringing the video to life. Very nicely done. ~ Jack Normand, USA

·         I couldn't listen to all of it Jim but what I heard was just magical. ~Carol Ratcliffe , Oakham United Kingdom

·         WOW!!!  Music and diving both incredible! ~ Louise Tutka Scott , USA

·         Absolutely amazing Jim...CONGRATS and keep it going! ~Ernest Mathewson, USA  

·         Totally awesome! You are truly a man of many talents! Congratulations! ~Joyce Dick , USA

·          "Very Impressive" ~Andy Tremayne, England

·         Continental plates shift and grind creating great earthquakes that can destroy beyond imagination. Climate fronts of hot and cold air collide and can generate massive tornados that rip across the plains and give the great mother nature a facelift. And so 12 notes colored black white on a piano over and over again can evoke such tension and release. With Jim’s fast and furious right hand glancing across the keys of his piano grace and beauty roll off the soundboard and into the air. From the power of his left hand it almost feels as if he can on his own construct massive mountain ranges. Truly a seasoned talent in conjunction with his passion Jim creates where others merely observe. You will find yourself wishing to take flight like a hawk in its prime, so that you can soar high into the air where you can savor the notes longer and truly realize that vastness on display. A specific treat is his original composition entitled “KE”, while a dedication to Keith Emerson Jim seems to also excel in channeling the greats into his own playing. Even if you are not a fan of Jazz or Progressive Rock I would highly recommend taking an opportunity to watch this talent on display. For even those that like a catchy tune on the radio will appreciate the true artistry on display here. Michael. Music Reviews

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