Friday, September 26, 2008

Nasty Noreaster

Yesterday was quite the day. I had jumped in the truck and went to check the Trojan at Customs House Marina, and also our Suzuki\Hampton Show Boat to prepare for strong winds and one mean tide. The rain was something, pounding!! After securing everything, I headed to Buckroe Beach to try and get some shots of the storm. It did not take long before the streets were flooded, and felt it was high time to return to JBO Central. So, that is what I did, parked the truck, and started checking things out around our docks making sure everything was secure.

Then I decided to jump on my trusty JBO three speed beach cruiser with my waterproof Pelican case, and see just how flooded the waterfront area was. To my surprise, the old beach cruiser did rather well in the water, at one point, I may have been in three feet or so. I never stopped peddling, and got threw most of the water alright.
The storm and wind hit at high tide, so things did get a bit flooded. This morning all was returned to normal, just in time for the Neptune Festival at Virginia Beach!!

See ya there!


Included here are some pics of yesterdays experience.

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