Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hatteras was never better-Bite is ON!!

Anyone who has been following Jim Baugh Outdoors TV over the years knows that one of our favorite stops is Hatteras Village. For years we have stayed at Hatteras Landing right where the ferries launch to go to Ocracoke NC. Only yesterday I got back from what may be one of our most productive, and interesting offshore trips we have ever filmed. Just look at this haul, around 600 pounds of fish!! Dolphin, Triggers, Grouper, and even nice Hoo!! We climbed abord the Petral 2 with captain Brian and also his first mate Brian. Two Brians on the boat, one captain and one mate, made it easy to keep the names straight. We had a great crew on board, captain Earl Williams came down from Roanoke Virginia to head out with us. We also had several folks from Dirty Dicks seafood restaurant who really put a hurtin on the fish. These guys were great fisherman and had some awesome electric reels. We were fishing in 170 + water, so those electrics really came in handy. One of Dirty Dicks Chiefs was on board, Chief Kevin, and we all decided it would be a great idea to do a cooking segment at Dirty Dicks after our offshore shoot. Chief Kevin had an awesome marinade for the Trigger and Hoo that really turned out fantastic. The cooking segment went great and we will not only feature the recipe on our show, but also in Travel Virginia magazine as well. This was just an unreal day, which sort of started out a bit slow. I certainly had no idea how this shoot would would end up. Basically the bottom bite did start off slow. We could get on them, but for only a short while before we drifted out of the target zone. After a lot of drifts, we did manage to put quite a few Triggers in the boat. We also were catching Dolphin off of the bow and stern. As the Dolphin bite picked up, the captain then started trolling for Dolphin, and the hook up was instant. Once a fish was one, we were bailing dolphin non stop for hours. After the massive bailing session, Captain Brian trolled on the way back to Hatteras for Hoo. First mate Brian did an awesome job all day working the lines, one of the best mate\captains I have seen. He kept our lines in the water, even about ten at a time- bailing Dolphin, this is not an easy trick. The first Hoo hook up was about a 25+ pounder, that unfortunately we lost at the stern. Big redemption with a second Hoo that we did get in the boat. Excellent gaffing, and that Hoo was put in the box pronto! I can not say enough good things about this charter. It is not expensive to go on, and the captain defiantly knows how to put you on a variety of offshore fish all in one day that makes for one action packed memorable event.
When you go to Hatteras Village, be sure to stop in Dirty Dicks for a bite of fresh seafood. It truly is a great resturant. We will be heading back there this Saturday for the Hatteras Chowder competition and day on the docks festival. See ya there!!

For more info and to take your friends and family on this trip, just log on to http://www.thestormypetrel.com/
or call
Captain Brian Patteson,
(252) 986-1363; cell phone is (252) 473-9163

Tight Lines!

Jim Baugh

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