Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Christmas Gathering


With monster Rockfish in the cooler, it was time to through a little holiday gathering at JBO Central in Hampton and cook up some more Rockfish. Everyone wanted some more of the smoked Rockfish, and even the Daily Press is running our Recipe coming up on Christmas Eve! It is a good one.

We had quite a crew over for the holiday Rockfish celebration. My son Ben Baugh flew in from Washington State, my daughter Casey drove in from Roanoke, and JBO cameraman Wayne Baker and his lovely wife Susan flew in from West Palm Beach.
We of course had some of our good friends from Blackbeards Crew (Hampton Pirates) Pete and Debbie along with her sister and brother in law Wayne. Wayne was subject to some of my close up magic, he was a very good sport!! Thanks baby! For the recipe for our Smoked Rockfish just check the JBO BLOG below. It is one fantastic holiday treat.

Good friends, family, and of course Rockfish, is one great way to spend the holidays. For those of you that would like to try something a little different for your holiday breakfast, try this one. This is Casey's favorite that I make, it is a Philly cheese steak omelet. Here is what you do:
Just take some Philly streak meat and pre cook it in a fry pan then set aside. Then grill up some fresh onions and peppers, saute, then set aside with the meat. Next, just make a traditional omelet and place the steak and onion filling on one side of the omelet, and cover with extra sharp cheddar cheese. Fold the omelet over when done, and then you have got it!!! An excellent dish for company and something a little different for the holidays.

Cheers!! And happy holidays from all of us at JBO Central!

Jim Baugh

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