Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Years Rocks!!!!!

Happy Holidays everyone from JBO central here on the Downtown Hampton waterfront. Lots of "Fishy" news, and it is all about rockfish, and lots of them. Last Saturday JBO fished in the fog, so thick, I could not see the bow. At one point, I could not even see our Suzuki engines. I ran strictly by radar, and there was about 1000 boats out there all creeping towards me in a very eary way. After about five hours of that, we headed back into the Bay and found some break in the fog. That is where we also caught our first and last fish for the day.

Our friends who fished up around the third island, John Gilley and crew had a lot better success. There was not much fog and the bite was on big time. Congrads guys! Awesome catches.
JBO Angler Mike Wilburn went scouting out of Rudee heading south of of NC and limited out. It was a great day, all fish were caught trolling, and the bite at Cape Henry turned on in the afternoon. Mo-Joe's and stretches are dominating trolling for a lot of us, producing a lot of fish.

Today, new years eve, it is blowing a Gail here in Hampton, so no going out today. Instead, two Boston buts are to be slow smoked on the deck, as long as the wind does not blow our butts off!

So, here is our parting shot for 2008, taken yesterday at sunset, our last day of Rockfishing for 2008.

Happy New Years to everyone!

Jim Baugh


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