Monday, August 24, 2009

Casey and Jim Baugh at JBO Central, Sunday Afternoon

We had a great visit from my daughter Casey and Dan this weekend. Casey is getting ready to leave for her third year in college and we wanted to take in some fishing, but the red tide, rain, and flooding made that a no go for this weekend.

Here is a good one for a Sunday Dinnner, an Austrian fav. Wiener Schnitzel!!
We have been doing cooking segments on Jim Baugh Outdoors since the very beginning, and we are very proud of our new kitchen set here at JBO Central.
Here is for the most part how we cooked the Snitzel. Pounded out pork tenderloin filet's and then coated with flour and egg, then coated with a fresh breader mix that she made out of crushed saltines. The pork was then cooked in a pan \ fried, then set aside. A mushroom sauce was then made up by cooking the schrooms in butter, then adding the stock. This was one of the best sauces I ever had.
Also cooked up was some fresh asparagus with a very nice buttery sauce. The dish was served with a side of hot and sour cabbage relish. The brown mucshroom gravey sauce was served under the schnitel
Just one fantastic dish!!
Tomorrow, clearer water hopefully, and FLOUNDER FISHING!! Also this week we will be doing more performance test with the Go Green Fishing Machine.
Tight Lines

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