Monday, August 3, 2009

Birthday Bash, Warm Springs and Hampton Virginia

The only thing worse than getting older is not getting older! So for my 48th, went and planned a rather busy weekend. First up we headed to Warm Springs in Bath County where we stayed at the Warm Springs Inn. Moosee is the inn keeper and quite the character. We really had a great time there and the food was fantastic. Across the street is the Jefferson baths where we went on Saturday, that was quite an experience. Very relaxing and fun.

We ventured into town and had a great lunch, cocktails at the Homestead, and we even played pool in the Elvis pool room. Even had an Elvis juke box, way cool! I wanted to take in a little trout fishing on the Jackson River, but we really did not have the time. We are looking forward to heading back in the fall, hopefully land some nice rainbows then.

Next up, we drove back to Hampton VA where we had a couple of parties waiting for us, one at Salt Ponds and then later on the deck at Marker 20. After we all gathered at the Salt Ponds tiki bar, we then drove over for the David Carter show on the deck at Marker 20. Dave really sounded great and as always put on a great show, thanks Dave.
Dave usually plays on Sunday in Hampton on the deck at Marker, if you have not been yet, be sure to check it out soon. Great entertainment, good food, and a beautiful historic location on queens way in downtown Hampton.
 Also thanks to the many, many, many B day wishes from everyone!
To wrap things up, we are heading out in the Bay today to see if we can film some Flounder, the bite has been good over on the third island, so we are going to give it a shot!!

Tight Lines
Jim Baugh

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