Monday, August 31, 2009

Hampton Public Piers Boat Cook Off!!!

Friday we had a fun crowed at the Downtown Hampton Public Piers. Greg the dockmaster did a great job at putting on the first annual boat cook off. This event was a great idea and brought boaters into the docks with cookbooks in hand.
This was a judged event and all dishes had to be cooked and prepared on the boats. There was really some creative dishes, my fav was the squid dog. I have never seen that one before, hard to believe one could do that with a hot dog! Very fun stuff!! SQUID DOGS.! WAY FUN!

On the more serious side, there was the fresh baked fish with a crusted pecan topping complete with a mango salsa that really made this dish fantastic.

There were also plenty of blenders dockside creating up some rather interesting beverages.
This was a really good time and will be even bigger next year. Start planning now for next years cook off at the Hampton Public Piers. Everyone I talked to was planning on coming back.
We shot this event and will be a part of the JBO TV series for 2010, which will be our 21st year in broadcasting.
We went out and tried hard for Flounder but only caught some undersized fish around the Hampton Bar. We have had red tide and two much rain, the water is a bit stained and harder for the fish to see the baits. Today is raining all day in Hampton, however later in the week the water should be clear and fishing very good. It is a holiday weekend and there will be lots of boats out there. Be safe, and also try the HRBT for Drum, on the west side, casting up towards the rocks. Also this is a good time to charter for the upcoming holiday. If you want to fish the Hampton Bar area, contact the Ocean Eagle by the Hampton Publie Piers. Also chartering for Spadefish at the CLT is a good idea for the holiday weekend

This time of year the Spadefish really hover around the CBBT. Try the third island using fresh clams and some chum. Spadefish are great fighters and are fantastic in the skillet!!

Sunset Boat Ramp in Hampton Virginia will be closed Sept. 8th and re open Nov. 1st.
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