Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hampton Holiday First Light Celebration

Hampton History Museum.

Last night was all a glow at the Hampton History Museum for the first light celebration. The one man play was held outside in front of the museum and held everyone in the audience quite spellbound listing to the history threw living re-inactors with tales of Captain John Smith and the celebration of the first English Christmas in America.

The 'Kecoughtan Christmas' is the first recorded English Christmas in North America. In December of 1608, Captain John Smith recorded the events leading up to, during, and following their Christmas with the Native Americans. It was a hard second winter for the English settlers, and Smith sought trade with Chief Powhatan so that his people could survive. It was negotiated through messengers that if Chief Powhatan gave the settlers a boatload of corn, they would in turn build Chief Powhatan an English-style house, along with a grindstone, as well as numerous weapons, copper, and beads. While Smith knew he could not give the natives weapons, he sent word to the Chief agreeing on the trade constituents.
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Happy Holiday's!

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