Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Some Recent Fan Mail

Hey Jim,
Just wanted to take a moment to say thanks first of all for sharing info on a good fishing hole in this age of bragging reports that simply say "look at me" and give very little info that is useful.

Secondly, when we arrived on location yesterday and I was trying to figure out how to fish it without disturbing those who were already there, you invited us to fish right next to you.....again a rare event these days.

My dad is 83 and he always took me fishing as a kid so I do the same for him now. Spot are his favorite fish and having places to catch them that are in calm waters not too far from home is important. I try to get him out one or two times a year and yesterday's outing went well with him being able to take 15 keepers home for him and my mom.Take care and I'll see you on the water,

Joe Lavender


You do a great job with that website.

Those fuel consumption figures are AMAZING!

Good luck,
Mike Meier (MRC) State of Virginia

Hi Jim,

I am back in the country for abit, glad to hear the bite is ON, I need to stop working so much growing fish, and get back to CATCHING fish!! GREAT to hear about the performance you are getting from the go green fishing machine. I have heard amazing things about properly balanced boat to motor ratios with Carolina Skiffs and the new smaller Suzuki 4-strokes. Looks like you matched it “spot on!” with the right balance. Good on you, now you can put the gas you save on the boat into your truck and come visit us in Ocean View J Hope to see you on the water soon if the wind slows, I’ll be the one burning gas in my old 2-stroke! Michael.
Kindest regards,

Aquaculture 2010: Member, Program Committee
World Aquaculture 2011: Steering Committee

Michael H. Schwarz, Ph.D.
Adjunct Assistant Professor - FWS
Aquaculture Specialist - VSAREC

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