Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Wreck diving with Captain JT Barker the Grave Yard of the Atlantic WW2 ships Dixie Arrow and the Abrams

JBOTV 2016 dive feature with captain JT Barker out of Hatteras NC. Featured WW2 wrecks are the Dixie Arrow and the FW Abrams. Also live Cuda footage. Filmed Aug 2016 Full feature will air on NBC Sports and also is now posted on the JBOTV You Tube Channel. The show also sports an original soundtrack with an additional instrumental for piano and cello called "Dixie Arrow" which is heard during the underwater footage of named wreck. We hope everyone will have the opportunity to dive these incredible wrecks and going with Captain JT you will experience one of the best dive boats and crew on the East Coast. Great dive, 100 foot vis, and the bonus is his boat Under Pressure docks right at the Villas of Hatteras Landing. Awesome place to stay while enjoying Hatteras Village. If you like diving, this is one not to miss.

Captain JT Barker filming the Dixie Arrow
Captain JT is on facebook and his web site is
(252) 986-1110

Villas of Hatteras Landing is on FB as well and the web site is


UPDATE: Check out our column in Oct. issue Coastal Angler Magazine on the story of this shoot. Great stuff plus a great featured recipe, in stores now!



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