Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Winter 2017 Neopolitan Pizza Wood Fired Grill Roundup Jim Baugh Outdoors TV

Pizza Time!

We have been working with the Kettle Pizza Grill for over a year now and have made many great pies with this set up. The first issue we had was getting proper heat balance between the deck and dome This was eventually accomplished by adding a baking steel in the dome and a second stone on the deck. The second stone made for a cooler (around 500 degree) deck while the dome with the baking steel maintained 900 to 1000 degrees. These temp ranges allowed us to bake anywhere from 30 to 45 seconds to under 2 minutes.
Below are four of our films highlighting pizza baking around the 26, 41, 58, and 90 second mark. they aren't perfectm but darn good! We have also now pretty much perfected homemade mozzarella cheese and fresh strained tomato sauce made from garden vine ripe tomatoes and basil.
It has been a great journey figuring how to get the grill set up where it continually pops out nice neo pies. Also posted below is a link to our recipe page.
All in all, you can never beat a real wood fired oven for maintaining long term consistent heat, we just don’t have the place for it right now. So on the portable side, these grill set ups do a very good job as long as you can get the heat balance correct.

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