Friday, April 13, 2018

"Green Flash" appears over the Chesapeake Bay after Sunset April 12, 2018 filmed by JBOTV

The elusive “Green Flash” is an atmospheric condition where due to refraction, the curvature of the earth the atmosphere causes the light rays of the sun to separate into different colors. A green or green yellow flash sometimes can be seen as the sun dips below the horizon. This is a rare occurrence to see and one we have been chasing for many years to capture on camera. So, once again after setting up our cameras to record the sunset we then proofed the footage in the studio. To my shock I immediately saw what seemed clearly to be a green yellowish flash, actually it was a double flash, the first and second occur at these timeline points. The conditions were as follows, super clear night not really a cloud in the sky. In a distant horizon you can clearly see the sun drop below the horizon, then a green yellow bloom just above where the sun set (no clouds). The second is clearly seen and the upper arch is visible fairly high off the horizon, then quickly moves down to the horizon.

So on a super clear evening, there did not seem to be any clouds that would cause some sort of reflection or anomaly. In all the years I have been chasing sunsets, this is the first time I have ever seen this type of artifact, anomaly, or Green Flash. There could also have been some sort of weather condition far away that was not visible to the naked eye that could have caused this effect. Only God, Nature, or a good meteorologist could know for sure. (In that order)

We were fortunate to be filming in 4K and output the project in a 1080 resolution. This enabled us to create a two camera/shot effect without affecting the resolution. The camera was a hero 4 silver mounted on a gorilla grip. POV was on the lower Eastern Shore at Mermaid Bay Beach looking west across the Chesapeake Bay of Virginia.

Whatever it was one thing is for sure, it was a beautiful sunset. More to come.

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