Monday, April 9, 2018

Over 1,350,000 people annualy and now celebrating 1000 subscribers to JBOTV on YouTube!! Plus some top subscriber pics!

WOW! What a weekend it has been! Jim Baugh Outdoors is proud to announce it’s 1000 subscriber to our JBOTV YouTube Channel! The JBOTV media machine includes Social media (Three Facebook pages and Twitter) , 6 Jim Baugh Outdoors web sites and blogs plus our JBOTV channel on YouTube which now boats over 1000 subscribers and growing rapidly.
We were very fortunate to track down and find out exactly who was the 1000 subscriber and believe it or not, this was not an easy task. So we want to introduce you to the awesome couple who jointly subscribed to JBOTV. A couple of outdoors loving folks who are quite the outdoorsman, or should I saw outdoors…woman? I think so!!
Marjorie and Wayne just outside Denver Colorado
Without further adoo, let me introduce to you our 1000 subscriber Ms. Marjorie Moore and her partner Mr. Wayne Bradby!!
Marjorie Moore Subscriber #1000 JBOTV
I had a chance to speak with them and here is a little bit about our 1000 subscribers!

   Where are you from? 

   Everywhere…army brat…lived everywhere from Washington state to Italy.  Born in OK.  Marjorie-NJ.

Where is your favorite place to travel?
   Anywhere there are fish. Favorite places include Africa and Maui/Kaui/  

  Favorite all time recipe?

Crayfish etoufee and potstickers. Will put mine up against any restaurant! (not trying to brag, but both dishes are that good!) Marjorie makes some mean ox tails!
Owner of Acrylic-Werks polish…best product on the market for multiple surfaces on boats (eisenglass, hull,  outboard motor housing, stainless steel rails, etc.), auto, and aircraft. and also consultant to Elder Resource Benefits Consulting, which helps veterans and surviving spouses obtain a benefit from the VA called Aid and Attendance, which can help them pay for home care or assisted/independent living facilities.
Favorite hobby?
 I’m assuming that’s supposed to be hobby…as hoppy sounds beer-related. Travel, fishing (kayak-fresh and salt and fly fishing) , cooking and drinking, photography

What is your favorite body of water?
       Depends on time of year and what I’m targeting. Blessed to live in the Virginia Beach, VA area where we usually have something going on year round. On the salt side…favorite target is reds and speckled trout, but love tangling with big blues during spring run and then stripers (when the bother to show up) in the fall/winter months. We also have a ton of freshwater opportunities within a short distance to the house. All kayak fishing for the most part unless I get an invite from a boat owner. For fresh, I’m liking citation sized catfish. (have 4 citations in past two years for channel cats)

 Tell us about your social life, lots of outdoor related travel?
       Marjorie loves to fish almost more than me. She’s been more of a shore/surf fisherman, but now has a kayak and will  be joining the plastic navy soon!
I am one of the founding members of the Tidewater Kayak Anglers Association, which was founded around 2004. I have been the treasurer since it’s inception and, for the last 12 years, have been the tournament director for our annual “Fish for Charity” kayak fishing tournament. This is one of the largest and longest lasting charity tournaments in the nation and supports two groups, Heroes on the Water and Project Healing Waters. Both groups using fishing related activities to help veterans and their families going through rehab and trying to assimilate back into the civilian community. Am very proud that we have raised over $100,000 to help these groups.  and  Our local HOW chapter is very active and has monthly outings for veterans and their families at no cost to them!

What would you like JBOTV to film more of?
Get you on a kayak for a show!
Thanks Wayne and Marjorie!!
While JBOTV is certainly appreciative for our viewers in the USA over the past 30 years, it is great to know that our JBOTV channel is now reaching viewers all over the world. This is just a sample of 10 channels out of the over 1025 subscribers to Jim Baugh Outdoors TV. Fascinating stuff!

1 Brazil
Nelson Lang

2 Chesapeake Bay USA
   3 United Kingdom
Scott Tilley

4 Berlin Germany
5 United Kingdom
The BBQ Chef
   6 United States
Realistic Fishing
7 United States

Amped Anglers

8 Sydney Australia
Travel with Tom Park

9 United States

Ernest Mathewson
10 Hungary

We welcome you to JBOTV!


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