Monday, February 12, 2007

A Farewell Boat Cook Out

We had some friends over this weekend for a great winter cook out on the boats in Hampton. I called some of the Hampton Pirates "Blackbeards Crew", and special four legged guest Tina Turner Baugh, over for a special steak and boat salad feast. Times like these I usually will shoot a cooking segment, or try something new for one of our magazine columns. I came up with a new version of my famous boat salad that was a BIG hit.

For the moment, today I am at Whitlow Cheverlot getting the final Vette project done before I leave for the Miami Boat show, a new\replacement security system. Now, I really don't care about security systems, everyone tells me that Corvettes are a hot left item, I just don't believe it, at least not in my area. Fact is, the Vette key is computer controlled, meaning if you don't have the key, there is no hot wiring, nothing, you can NOT start it. Soooo, why would I bother with replacing the factory passive security system?? Because the security system is tied into the ignition, meaning, if the system is faulty, YOU CANT START YOUR CAR!!!! Has happened three times, so I figured I would get it fixed before leaving for the Keys trip. And one more thing, If I told everyone back home in Hampton I was not coming back from Key West because my car would not start, no one would ever believe me! LOL. So, here I am, at the dealership again. Great Coffee though, and wireless Internet service is awesome.

Ok, back to the cook out. I love cooking on boats, well, houses as well, but cooking on the boat is just the best. I hate a boring salad, so as Emeril would say, I try to kick it up a few notches. Here is what you do, try this at home, you will love it.

At the store get:
Fresh Lettuce, Spinach, good tomato's if you can find them, Hanovers are #1, Pepperochini, Yellow, and Red Peppers, fresh Jalapeno peppers, feta cheese, olive oil, large Portabella Mushrooms, & Parsley.

First, take the jalapeno and cut in half, clean out. then stuff the pepper with feta cheese. Do about 20 of these and place in a jar. Fill the jar with olive oil and fresh Garlic cloves. Let stand at least one day.

For the rest of the vegetables, cut the tomatoes, wedge style, clean the Spinach, and cut the peppers in half horizontally. Clean the pepper out, cut the top portion into small pieces to put in the salad, and leave the bottom half whole. You will use the bottom half of the pepper for a vegetable bowl to put your salad dressing in. Very nice garnish!!!!!

Once you have the plate full of all your vegetables, and arranged in an artistic manor, take out your stuffed Jalapeno peppers and place them throughout the salad. Pour some of the seasoned olive oil over the salad, and you have got it. I garnish with some fresh Parsley.

Now let me tell you how good this is. I fixed awesome Prime Rib with this dish, and was very good, all anyone talked about was how fantastic the salad was.

Fun was had by all, and a great winter boat cook out before the Miami Show. Try this salad dish for your next dinner party, it will be the talk of the evening!!

Winter storm is expected tomorrow, so I will be leaving a day early, trying to stay ahead of the bad weather. I will have reports and pics of the Miami Boat Show later this week.

Staying under the radar south bound, and yall have a great Valentines Day.

Jim Baugh

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