Friday, February 16, 2007

Live From Miami Day 1

Hello Folks.
Jb here reporting from the Internet Cafe in downtown Miami. The Miami International Boat Show has just been incredible. The Suzuki booth is something to see! There of course are some great displays of the Suzuki 300 four strokes, and we saw one real cool rig with a Suzuki 250 on a Hydraulic Jack plate on a Andros 26 footer. Great boat for the Bay.

Speaking of the Andros with the 250 Suzuki, this was one of the boats that one of our viewers wanted us to check out at the show. The boat was parked right in front of the Conference Center and I had a chance to talk with Andy the President of Andros Boats. The 26 looks like a great contender for the Chesapeake Bay. A nice deep hull with decent freeboard, yet with the jackplate it can run in the most shallow of flats. Andy was real big on Suzuki Power Plants, he felt it was the only way to go with the Jack Plate Rig. The Boat is pictured here.

One of our viewers also wrote in and wanted us to check out the new 38 Contender with trips. There was a lot of talk at the show about this boat and it got a lot of looks. There was so many people on the boat, we just took a pic and moved on. You can get all the info from their web site, but it did look like one awesome boat. She had a very nice hull, solid build, and roomy. Pic is below.

We are using the International Hotel for our base of operations for this trip, and it is located right on Biscayne Bay, just beautiful. We celebrated Joe's birthday Thursday night at the Key West Cafe and they even let me in the kitchen to cook!!! They specialized in Jerk seasoning, my fav. Food was great and the service was excellent.
We will hit the show again tomorrow and tour the in water portion of the show, then head down to Key Largo, and be in Marathon on Monday to shoot a Suzuki Dealership, then on to Key West for another shoot.

Weather has been fantastic, 74 yesterday but windy. Miami is a cool town. If you like boats, this is a show you don't want to miss. Certainly one of the largest boat shows in the world.

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