Friday, March 30, 2007

Going, Going, Gonna Be Gone!!

Hello everyone!!

Here is a lovely pic of the Jim Baugh residence for the past 11 years, well, for three I have lived on a boat. But now that my sweetheart daughter is off to college, the beast of a house is on the market. This is where I built a super TV studio as an addition to the house, back before lap top editors became the norm, we used to have to house a lot of equipment.

She has been an awesome home, three acres in the Salisbury area in Midlothian with a huge Salisbury Lake view, just wonderful. Big Florida room and back deck the size of Kansas. This 4500 sf contemporary has the most beautiful hard wood floors you have seen throughout the entire first floor. Single plank wide masterfully shellacked hard wood, a must see. The floors, three acres and lake view is what sold me on this house in the first place.In case you have not guessed, I have been doing yard work for about 38 years, no more!! It is condo by the beach for Jim!! That is it. I will set up a permanent studio in Hampton Virginia, and of course still base out of the downtown Hampton area.

If anyone is lookin to buy in the Midlothian area, give me a buzz, we have been getting tons of calls and already have had a ton of showings. There will be an add in the Richmond Times Dispatch Sunday April 2, so for those of you who are lookin to get on the lake in Salisbury, here is your chance. I moved to Midlothian some 11 years ago not only because it is a fantastic area, but it also has about the best school system in the state of Virginia. Now with the completion of 288, you can be in the west end in only about 15 minutes, and we are only about 10 minutes from Chipenham Pkwy. Just super access. Please buy!!! I already have three condos with my name on it!! LOL .Have fun everyone, another beautiful weekend in Hampton this weekend, getting the boats ready for another fantastic season!
Jim B

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