Thursday, April 12, 2007

Happy Birthday Dad!!!

My Pops and co-founder of Jim Baugh Outdoors TV turns 73 years old today. I am fortunate to have a great dad who to this day is still a working judge, special justice of the peace for the city of Richmond.
When my dad is not in hearings, he is usually on his waterfront home on the Piankatank River with his lovely wife Clarice Baugh. Dad has his boats right on his dock including a jet ski that runs 70mph up the Dragun Run. AND-If you ever see a 73 year old man hauling down the river in a Kenner 23V with a 200 merc, that's my Dad, be sure to wave to him.

In case anyone is wondering what I got him for his birthday, well, it is the same thing I get him every year for as long as I can remember. The best dad deserves the best scotch, so once again it is a bottle of Chevas Regal for "Big Baugh". That is what my kids call grandpa.

Well, a big happy birthday to you, love ya dad, and try to keep the jet ski under 50mph!!

your second but best son


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