Saturday, May 19, 2007

JBO Places second in C4 Vette division, Hampton Corvette Club Show\ Award dedicated to my friend, Woody Landers- RIP

Jim Baugh Outdoors Show Corvette placed second today in the Hampton Corvette Club Car show. We had a great turn out and there some awesome muscle cars there as well. This year we had done a lot of modifications to the show car, new interior, exhaust tips, an a new Vortex intake. While this was a great day, it was sad as well.

I did find out only about an hour ago that my friend and close up magician mentor Woody Landers was killed in a tragic auto accident on Monday. Woody was not only probably one of the best, most talented close up magicians in the country, he was a dedicated Corvette fanatic. Ever since I have known him, since I was about 16 years old, Woody always drove a red Vette convertible, he loved them.
I owe a lot of my early career to Woody, I studied close up magic under him from the time I was16 to about 19 years old. I later would have Woody as a regular guest on my cable entrainment show. Just about anything good that I could do with close up magic, I learned from Woody. This past Sunday for my son Ben's 21'st birthday, sure enough, I preformed the 2 by 4 coin illusion that was one of the routines that Woody invented years ago. I performed that coin illusion in night clubs for over 10 years, it was a fav when I entertained in Atlantic City.
Truthfully, my 10+ year career of close up magic, which paid my way through college, I owe to the teachings of Woody Landers. He simply was the best close up magician I had ever seen, and was known around the world for his incredible talent. When I opened up Jimdini's Magic Room next to the Tabacco Company in Richmond, Woody would regulary appear as one of our entertainers, he was there almost every week. He was the best.

I remember one magic convention I was attending in Washington DC, was foolin round with a new card pass\slight of hand. One magician came up to me and said,"That was incredible, do you by chance know Woody Landers?" Of course I said, Woody was the one who taught it to me years ago!

So Woody, today's JBO Corvette Trophy s dedicated to you, and I know you will enjoy it as much as I. I am sure the Lord has a new C6 Vette waiting for you at the gates. Horrace Bennit will be holding the keys for ya! (For those that may not know, Bennit was Woody's good friend, one of the best slight of hand artist ever to grace a coin and okito box)

My best to Woody's family,

We have just lost one of the greatest close up magicians in the world. He will be truly missed. His talent is something that had to be seen. I am blessed that I saw a lot of it. Will miss him greatly

Jim Baugh

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