Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Birthday To Ben Baugh, 21 Years Old Today!!!

Today my son Ben turns 21 years old! I remember this day 21 years ago like it was yesterday. It was my first child and I was absolutely out of my mind. Never had anything been so exciting and new in my life. It was fun too, the Dr. was a real comedian and we cracked jokes throughout child birth. I don't think mom was to into it, but she did a great job and was rather busy at the time!!
A big congratulations to big Ben. I have posted here some pics of Ben doing what he likes to do while attending West Virginia University- fish, raft, kayak, and jump off big rocks. Ben and his buds are also very much into four wheelin in the West Virginia mountains. His Jeep is still hanging on though, hard to believe. You would not believe how many times the water hose has been used to clean the INSIDE of his vehicle. It is no surprise Ben is so into the outdoors, 19 out of his 21 years he grew up on our show. I remember taking Ben rafting on the New River when he was about seven years old, now he fishes it regularly after class. What can I say, lucky to have the best boy in the world. He has just completed his JR year in college and pulled a 4.0 average, and is applying to officer candidate school in the Coast Guard next year. Very proud of ya son. I cant believe how fast these 21 years have gone. Happy birthday Ben, and I will see ya later today!!! Hopefully use that ID of yours before dinner. LOL
Lastly, Happy Mothers Day to everyone!

(John & Ben college cartoon)

PS: Please do not try Ben B stunts at home, he is a professional!

Tight lines

Jim Baugh

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