Thursday, May 10, 2007

Surfs Up!

Cameraman Wayne Baker sent me these pics today he took in front of his town house in Delray Beach Florida. 12 foot surf made for some great surfing, but not so good for boating. We had a storm up here in the mid Atlantic that hovered Sat. and Sun. as well. During the Hampton Boat Show. We had winds of up to 50 knots creating waves off our VA and NC coast in excess of 40 feet high.
Many boats got in big trouble with these seas including one over 160 nautical miles off of Hatteras. Many thanks to our courageous Coast Guard who saved a lot of lives this week. For the complete story click the link below,0,7342374.story?coll=dp-widget-news
This story is a good example of the importance of EPIRB offshore, or anywhere on the water really. I will be shopping for mine this week!!

Be Safe


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