Saturday, January 5, 2008

Ben Baugh and Buddy John ocean Rockfising

Well, today was not the most productive for Rockfishing, we live eeled, trolled, did just about everything, but only one fish for the day. BUT!!!! This was the largest Rock fish that John had ever caught, plus we left out of Hampton VA on board Captain Bills' awesome new 40 foot Trojan, one fantastic boat!! Thanks Bill for the trip, the kids loved it!! So did I.
Now, my son Ben Baugh is half way finished his senior year at West Virgina University, and that is a haul from Hampton, so I don't get to see him that much. I was really excited about Ben and his room mate John comin down for some fishing, we did have a ball.
When they got here, I took them to downtown Hampton to the Tap House for dinner, it was fantastic, there was a West Virginia Basketball game on, and they let everyone in the place know it!! Anyway, when you come to the Hampton Waterfront, check out the Taphouse, great place.
OK!!! Kids are gone, cleaning up the boats, and lookin for some good fishing reports!! Hitting it again Monday. In Hampton this early January, the weather s calling for 70 degree temps most of the week. Got to love it!!!
Tight Lines.

Jim Baugh

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