Saturday, August 9, 2008

Busten um up offshore from Hampton-one hot August Day!

Many, Many, Many years ago, Neil Diamond rocked the world with One Hot August Night. Well today, we rocked the Atlantic Ocean with one Hot August Day!!! We departed out of Hampton early for one rather large offshore day. We hooked up with "Captain Pete" and Hampton Captain Mike Holt. We had a great crew, and this crew wanted White Marlin. So, off to the Canyons we went, and we went past them. I think we were some 80 miles offshore when we started setting out lines. Well, the Marlin bite was not off to a running start, and it seemed to stay that way. I noticed a lot of commercial long lines that had been set offshore, and thought trolling by them nay raise up a dolphin or two. Each pass of the marker, we got hooked up until finally, it did not seem to make much sense to have our lines out trolling, so we pulled everything in for our next approach.

Now it does not get any better than this, simply back the boat Right up to the marker, and look for Dolphin, and we saw hundreds. We quickly got our spinning rods ready and the crew started cutting up bait big time. Once we hooked up, we would keep a fish in the water to attract others, and keep chumming all the while. This worked well, and we did fill the boat up with fish. It was non stop action and once we were about out of bait, we had all the fish we wanted and it was time to head west for a three hour tour back to Hampton. I would like to thank everyone on board for such a great day, actually it was one of our best Dolphin trips out of this area, and there are plenty left out there. Yall come catch some!!
Cookin Our Catch -Mike Wilburn's Recipe! (World Famous)
Dolphin is an awesome fish, and we of course cooked them up that night. Here is a recipe that I will publish in Travel Virginia Magazine later this year, it is one you don't want to miss: Pan seared sesame dolphin! First up, go catch your fresh Dolphin, and have some black and white sesame seeds on standby as well as some olive oil. You will need you favorite cast iron skillet to blacken with. All you have to do is rub the fillets with olive oil and then coat the fish with both sesame seeds. Rub the seeds into the meat on both sides. Sprinkle a little garlic powder on them and you are set to go to the skillet. Pretty much you want to cook the fish for about three minutes on both sides. Then let rest on the grill for a few minutes.

AWESOME side dish! My daughter Casey and her friend Lauren are down visiting me before they leave for college. Casey said she wanted Asparagus grilled, to go with the fish, so that is what I did. To marinade is simple. Just use some olive oil, fresh cracked pepper, some white wine and a little Balsamic Vinegar. Then grill up outside. Serve with the Sesame Dolphin on a festive summer plate and you now have got yourself something!! Barry B said it was the best fish he had ever tasted, and it is wonderful. A very savory fresh dish that you wont soon forget. OK, after a long day offshore and cookin up in the kitchen, it is time to hit the pool before retiring for the evening. Great day offshore, great crew and company. Don't miss the hot August bite offshore, if you like Dolphin, the time is now!!!
Tight lines and hot skillets !!!
Jim B

(Pan seared fresh sesame Dolphin served up with grilled Balsamic Asparagus at JBO central)

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