Thursday, July 23, 2009

New From Suzuki!!!! Check it out.

SUZUKI MARINE "POWERS 4-WARD" ONCE AGAIN WITH NEW 2010 DF60A New 60HP Four-Stroke Outboard Delivers Compact Size, Lightweight Designand Top-Level Fuel Efficiency for Wide Range of Fresh and Saltwater Boats June 11, 2009 - Suzuki Marine continues its long tradition of improving 4-stroke outboard engine technology for the benefit of all boaters with the introduction of its next-generation DF60A 4-stroke for the 2010 model year.

This all-new in-line 3-cylinder outboard will bring a new level of performance, durability and efficiency to a wide range of fresh and saltwater boats. Suzuki's DF60A is the most advanced power plant for everything from pontoon boats and aluminum fishing boats to center console skiffs, bay boats or large RIBs. The DF60A is available in a 20-inch (L) shaft model. In addition, an available tiller handle kit makes this advanced new 4-stroke an even more versatile choice for avariety of boating and fishing applications.The introduction of this newest Suzuki 4-stroke follows last year'ssuccessful launch of second-generation 70/80/90 horsepower models that offered boaters significant improvements in size, weight and fuel economy. "We are committed to providing the most advanced technology to the greatest number of boaters," says Larry Vandiver, Marketing Director for Suzuki Marine. "The DF60A is the logical next step as we continue developing motors that are lighter, stronger and more efficient in every horsepower class. We strive to make each new model not only superior tothe competition, but even better than the Suzuki 4-stroke outboard itreplaces."

With the new DF60A, Suzuki engineers hit the mark in a variety of ways,beginning with a new Dual Overhead Cam (DOHC) 12-valve power head with 941cc displacement. Because each of the 12 valves are controlled directly by the camshafts, rocker arms (and their need for periodic adjustment) are eliminated. As a result, DOHC design provides enhanced reliability and cuts down on maintenance. Drawing on its vast experience in 4-stroke engines for motorcycle, automotive and marine use, Suzuki was able to develop an outboard that is the most compact and lightest in the class (229 lbs.) All while providing boaters with ahigher level of performance and fuel efficiency.

Suzuki achieves this through a combination of proven and pioneering technology.For example, Suzuki's advanced multi-point sequential electronic fuelinjection - which helped the original DF60A win the company's firstindustry Innovation Award for 4-stroke technology - is combined with Suzuki Lean Burn Control Technology and Suzuki's Easy Start System toprovide smooth starts, crisp acceleration and reduced emissions (the newDF60A meets 2009 EPA exhaust emissions standards and carries a CARB3-Star rating). The new DF60A is engineered to optimize the fuel efficiency of anyvessel - especially important given today's high fuel costs. Suzuki'sproven EFI system gathers data from key sensors on the engine, processesit with a powerful 32-bit computer and calculates the optimum fuelneeded based on constantly changing operating conditions. Suzuki's advanced Lean Burn Control System (first introduced on the DF70/80/90)predicts fuel needs according to operating conditions, allowing the engine to run on a leaner fuel-air ratio. This benefit is realized overa wide operating range, so boaters can stretch more out of every gallonwhether idling, trolling or running at cruising speeds. Suzuki's Easy Start System provides instant, effortless starts with the single touch of the start button, along with more efficient combustionand better fuel economy. Adding to the DF60A's superior fuel economy isan overall mechanically efficient design that reduces energy loss. For example, a new oil pump design allows oil to flow through thelubrication system with less resistance.This improved efficiency will make a significant difference to boaters in real-world conditions.

Compared to the 60HP 4-stroke it replaces, Suzuki's testing has demonstrated this model will run approximately50-percent farther on each liter of fuel at trolling and cruising speeds- and an impressive 30-percent farther at wide open throttle. Fuel consumption per hour for Suzuki's new DF60A was tested to be about40-percent less at trolling speed, 45-percent less at cruising speed andstill a significant 20-percent less running wide open. Suzuki's latest 4-stroke offers several firsts for the horsepower category, including Suzuki's self-adjusting, oil bathed timing chain that's virtually maintenance free. The DF60A incorporates a trim and tilt limit system that protects boats from possible damage when tilting the outboard. This unique design functions as both a tilt limit and trim sender and uses a step-free continuous type tilt limiter. This allows the DF60A to be installed with confidence on nearly any type ofboat. To deliver the charge today's boater needs, Suzuki's designed the newDF60A with a large capacity 19A alternator. Specially engineered to generate 11.5A at only 1,000 rpm, this alternator keeps batteries charged and lets boaters run a full array of fish finding and navigationelectronics. The DF60A also features a specially formulated anti-corrosion finish applied to directly to the aluminum surface for superior protection and long-term operation in saltwater environments. For more information on the new Suzuki DF60A 4-stroke outboard for 2010- or the company's leading line-up of advanced 4-stroke outboards from2.5 to 300 horsepower, contact Suzuki Marine at (714) 996-7040 or visitonline at

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