Friday, July 17, 2009

Blown out today, time for a double burger stuffed with everything, JBO Style!

We tried to get out twice today to film and got blown out!
Heavy storms were all abound this afternoon with tornado warnings. BUMMER. So, at the end of the day, I had had enough, and was ready for dinner. Cooked up something that is really different and very tasty.

Jim Baugh's, "Double burger stuffed with all the fav's"
Here is the recipe,
* Mold two large low fat beef patties, and refidge so they will hold shape, or just buy some from BJ'S, Cosco, wherever.
* In a mixing bowl chop fresh tomatoe's (Summer only, I like Beefsteak! this is not a winter dish), fresh Onion, Basil, Garlic, a little olive oil, Bam spice, some sea salt, fresh cracked pepper, and jalapenos. Chop finely and put in the bowl.
* Next, place the mixens along with some fresh cut extra sharp Cheddar cheese onto a beef pattie, be sure to have everything neatly centered into the middle of the bottom pattie. Then, place the second pattie on top and mold the two together with your hands. Very important to get a tight seal with the patties, that way all the moisture and stuffing stays inside. Very important.
* Cook on the grill at about 250 degrees for the first 15 minutes. This will help bond everything, then flip and crank up to about 300 for another 15 minutes, watch carefully.
Serve with your favorite bun, and whatever else you want on the burger. It is a BIG meal, you don't need much else.
You will not believe how good this is, try it!
Jim Baugh

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