Sunday, July 12, 2009

We fished all day- FOR ONLY TWO BUCKS!!

I wish all our fans could of seen the face on the gas station attendant at Bluewater Yachts when we pulled up to the dock and ask for $2 bucks of gas. He said "what??" I said, well, we checked our Suzuki fuel flow meter, and only burned less than a gallon of gas all day, so two bucks should be about right, and it was. I spent two dollars in gas and fished all day, cruised from Hampton to Newport News, fished the MM Tunnel and had a cooler full of fish. The Go Green Fishing Machine has got to be the most fuel efficient fishing boat I have ever seen, with the exception of my canoe.

We had a real treat while we were fishing, the Poker Run was going on and we had some unreal offshore racing boats fly right past us. Some had helicopters chasing for photos. a lot going on the water yesterday. great fun!

After our fishing trip on Saturday, it was time for the downtown Hampton block party. There was a fantastic Jazz band playing dockside at the new Crowne Plaza called AAO (against All Odds.) Now, I am a HUGE jazz fan and these guys were just terrific. Check out there web site at Slapwater was playing on Queens Way. Slapwater is one of the areas most popular dance bands and the keyboard player is a good friend of mine, Brad Sindle.  Brad owns crows nest photography and does excellent photo work. The night really ended up great with a visit from JBO Cameraman Wayne Baker. Wayne was up from West Palm Beach FL and was doing some work on his sailboat. We caught up with Wayne downtown at Marker 20, all enjoyed the music and entertainment. It does not get any better than Saturday Night in Downtown Hampton. Great fishing, boating, and lots of live music everywhere. Just fantastic.
Well, got to go, getting ready to get on our go green bikes and head to one of Hamptons awesome beaches and look for sea glass. We looked at Buckroe last weekend and found some, today we will try up above Salt Ponds. Hampton has some of the nicest beaches, from totally remote that can only be gotten to by water, to public beaches with all the amenities, including weekend concerts!
Next up this week is a fishing trip for Sheepshead, we will post pics and info here after the shoot.

Tight Lines!!
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Hampton VA
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