Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New BBQ Recipe, Sat night Downtown Hampton

This one is just fantastic! We fixed for our company a great dinner Sat night before heading to Downtown Hampton for the block party. We went over in the Go Green Fishing Machine and really enjoyed all the music that was going on at Queens Way and in front of the new Crowne Plaza.
You can see by the picture how happy the girls were with this dish, (Ruth on the left, Cindy on the right). It is our famous BBQ Nachos.

You start off with our own 12 hour hickory and apply wood smoked BBQ. Once done, keep warm and spread over a large tray of chips. Then put some BBQ sauce and con queso cheese sauce on top of the BBQ. Top off with sour cream, guac, and fresh shredded cheddar cheese.
This one is fantastic, try it. Once you have tried this dish, you will prefer it over ground beef any day.
The downtown Hampton Saturday night block parties are still going on, yall come down and join us. The fishing is great and the music is good!
Cindy and Joe had a blast, and Ruth even ran into a bunch of folks from church downtown on the docks at the Crowne Plaza, great to meet everyone. This was the first time that our friend Cindy had been on the water in downtown Hampton and she was just floored. Could not believe how beautiful it was. It really is nice at night downtown on the water.

If you have not yet made reservations for Bay Days, do it soon!

Back to rigging Sheepshead and Trigger fish rigs.

Jim B

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