Thursday, September 17, 2009

That hit the SPOT!!!!

The Spot bite is on!!!! I cant think of a better way to bring in the approaching Rockfish season than coming to Hampton and filling your coolers up with Delicious Spot. They are everywhere! My long time best friend Joe "Crocodile" Dudley came down for a couple of days of Spot fishing. All I can say is the cast iron skillet is still hot! Right now all the usual places along the Hampton Bar and the M&M Tunnel are producing fish. This would be a great time to come to Hampton and get on board the Ocean Eagle. A great head boat that departs right in front of the Hampton Public Piers. If you go, don't forget that the coffee shop (Java Junkies) now is open and has great food. Easy way to pack lunch for the trip.

Joe and I jumped in the Go Green Fishing Machine (JVX 20 C. Skiff \90 Suzuki four stroke) and went to find our own little Spot hole, and we did find a great location that is holding a LOT of fish.

We only fished for a couple of hours and boated near 70 spot and only used 9 bloodworms. Bloodworm's were a bit hard to find yesterday, we shopped five stores. Finally, someone suggested Buckroe Bait and Tackle, they had great worms and also good tackle and fresh seafood!!!! What else could you ask for from a Bait shop. They are located right off Atlantic on the way to Buckroe Beach, just a great little bait shop!

Dinner Bell is Ringing! Ruthie joined Joe and I and friends back at JBO Central for a fresh fried Spot and Croaker dinner. It was, well course, fantastic. It is very hard to beat fresh Spot fried in a cast iron skillet. Joe made up his secret cole slaw. I had to leave the JBO kitchen while he made it, all I know is that there was some Red cabbage, Dukes Mayo, brown mustard, sugar, and several other things that I could not see. Oh-carrots. If I can snaggle the rest of the recipe, I will post here weather he likes it or not! Great cole slaw, perfect with fried Spot.

Swap that Prop!
We propt out the Go Green Fishing Machine and WOW did that make a difference. We picked up 1300rpm and about 11mph top end. Also had better fuel efficiency across the board. For all the info. and specs click the link below

As most of our viewer know, now is the time from Sept-Feb that Jim Baugh Outdoors does a LOT of it's primary filming for the show. This is the best time to fish, and it is going to be a good and I think early Rockfish season. You can come to Hampton and fish IN Hampton and limit out on Rockfish in minutes. Book now for your charters, rooms, etc., and don't forget the new Buckroe Fishing Pier is now open! Fish it while you are in Hampton for the Rockfish season. Loads of fun!!

JBO TV will be out again tomorrow for some more Spot and Flounder fishing.

We ventured out for our second day of Spot fishing and filmed some more for JBO TV. I took Ruth with me and my 17yr veteran cameraman Sean Finnegan with me.
Well, the Spot were still there, and also some new fans of JBO TV. The fact that there were other boats in our spot made no difference what so ever. There is PLENTY of Spot out there. The bite was just as fast and furious as it was the day prior.
Do try to catch the best of the last two hours of the outgoing tide. That is when it seems the bite is the best.

******* Total fuel expenditure for two days of Spot fishing on the Go Green Fishing Machine, $3.00
Bait, ----20 Bloodworms, $20 bucks.
Tight lines, and happy Spot fishing!!!

Jim "On the Spot" Baugh

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