Monday, September 28, 2009

Neptune Festival

One of the regional festivals that we like to attend is the popular Neptune Festival. and what a crowd it was! At times it was hard to navigate threw all the people. There were three stages of bands, lots of entertainment.
But the main reason I go to this festival is to see all the art, mostly from Florida. There were a lot of vendors there that also were at Bay Days in Hampton and enjoyed meeting many new friends.
The wind was howling most of the day, however all the sandcastles seemed to weather it ok. My friend Captain Pete Peterman was hired to charter a boat down to Georgia on Saturday. He said the offshore run was quite a trip, 6 to 10 foot seas. We were glad to hear that he made it there ok.

If you have not been to the Neptune Festival, it is for sure worth going to see. We walked all 33 blocks, down and back.

The offshore Marlin bite is still rockin, and we hop[e to film some of the action later in the week!

Tight Lines

Jim B

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