Monday, September 14, 2009

Bay Days 2009- Fantastic Event!

This year was one of the best Bay Days ever. What a show. Around the clock entertainment, Bay education, Pirate history, arts and crafts, tons of food vendors, and some of the best music you will hear. The fireworks show really took our breath away, three locations on the water launched fireworks Sat. night for a full 20 min fireworks show. One location was the bridge going over the Hampton River, now that was a sight to see!! Quite amazing.

We had a blast and really enjoyed Phoebus Rio playing on the sailboat at the Hampton Public Piers on Friday night. All the boats were decorated to the tee.
The arts and crafts booths were really great as well. There was one booth that featured custom hats that was really awesome, coolest hats in the world.

Bruce Hornsby put on a great Show Saturday night and on Sunday, we went again to the city stage to see Slapwater. They really sounded great and had a good crowed!

Unfortunately this year there was one boat that went down. No one was hurt, thank goodness, and the boat was finally being towed out today. Sea Tow reported that there was some leaking from the manifolds, as well as one other possible area. Manifolds are something that always needs checking, and the captain had some issues with the manifolds prior to Bay Days. Sorry for the loss of a nice boat, and waking up on your boat at 5am, and it's sinking is not a good way to start the day for sure! Glad the captain got out ok.

We are VERY happy that our show boat runs with outboard power. And the best, Suzuki four stroke power. I will never own an inboard engine again, life is tuff enough!!

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Tight Lines!
Jim Baugh

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