Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bite is on!! Come get some!

For us today fishing burning only 1.12 gallons of gas----Equals a cooler of fish! Thanks to Suzuki Marine and Carolina Skiff , The Go Green Fishing Machine delivers another great day on the water.

Captain Earl, Ruthie and I went out yesterday to search out some Flounder and Croaker. First stop was the Hampton Bar, and the bite was so good, we did not need to go anywhere else.

Using a flounder rig and some standard bottom rigs, we caught Trout, Flounder and Croaker up two a pound and a half.

Magic depth was 31 feet, fishing the ledge of the bar. We saw both the Ocean Eagle and the Sally T both doing well catching fish as well.
The wind was up just a bit, so we had to do a lot of running up and down the bar, keeping our baits in the 31 foot zone. We did try a little deeper bite in 40 feet of water, but not much luck. 31-32 feet was definitely where the bite was.
The Go Green Fishing Machine once again proved to be a fuel sipper. Running the new Suzuki 90 hp four stroke and the Carolina Skiff JVX 20, our total fuel usage for the day was 1.12 gallons. That is it. Still fishing for anywhere from two to three bucks a day for gas. AWESOME!!

One the way in back to Hampton, we had a nice stop at Surfrider for lunch, then cleaned our cooler of fish back at JBO Central. One awesome day.

Today, now that we have found them, we will do some filming for the 2011 season. Also, we did see a Cobia right off the bow of our boat, awesome fins!! Reports at the Buckroe Fishing Pier also have some Cobia showing up.

NOW IS THE TIME TO BE HERE IN HAMPTON!!! The bite is on! Weather is great!

Book now to fish this weekend, bring the family. There is a big outdoor art show at Buckroe Park this Saturday with Slapwater playing center stage starting at 2pm. Be a good day to fish the Pier as well!!

See ya on the water in Hampton,
and do yourself a favor, Buy a Suzuki engine today!
Jim Baugh

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