Saturday, April 28, 2007

400th Anniversary Of America, Hampton Welcomes The Godspeed and The Schooner Virginia

WOW, I cant tell you how exciting it was to see these ships coming into the entrance of Hampton Roads, just like they did 400 years ago when our county was discovered. My cameraman Sean and I followed the Godspeed right into the Hampton River where she tied up to the Hampton Public Piers next to the schooner Virginia. After their stay here in Hampton, the Godspeed will continue it's journey up the James River and end up in Richmond VA in late May.
Everything is going on here in Hampton this weekend to celebrate this historical event. There is a street fest with loads of musical acts, vendors, and street entertainers. Also the International Children's Festival is here in Mill Point Park, also located along downtown Hampton's waterfront.
Hampton is not only our home base port of call, but it is also the first English speaking settlement in the country. There is so much history here, and Hampton also has a new history museum and visitors center that is also located downtown.
Well, got to get going, they have tours of the Godspeed and the Virginia, and these ships I just have to get on and see.

Don't forget, next weekend is the Hampton Boat Show, I will be cooking on board the Hampton\Suzuki show boat on both Sat. and Sun. I might even have a special guest cooking with me, B, are you ready? Need some NN Recipes!!

See yall next weekend in downtown Hampton, bring plates!

Jim B

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