Sunday, April 22, 2007

Nassau River Fl, What to do when the wind blows and the fish don't bite???

The second day of 25-30 knot winds just drove Joe and I crazy, so we put his boat in the water and headed down the Nassau River. We new it would be to rough to fish out past the inlet, however we were banking on at least catching some Trout around the beaches. It did not take long before I started asking Joe, just where is this great seafood outlet on the island?? Because my confidence level was not very high that we would be cleaning fish anytime soon. So, after a half day of getting blown around on the water, it was time for Joe to wash the boat, and I would speed as fast as I could in the Vette and find some fresh seafood. I had this fantastic idea about a new dish I wanted to try, a Verde Grouper with Broiled Scallops wrapped in Bacon again, with a Verde Salsa.
When I got to the beach, I loaded up at the store with some HUGE Scallops, a nice three pound fresh Grouper Fillet, and I even threw in a couple of small one pound Lobster tails for good measure. Hey, if the fishing is bad, we are still going to have a feast, so that is what we did!!!
Now this is one of the best dishes you can imagine, lets start with the Scallops.

Well, first, you need to have a bad day of fishing so you can spend lots of time at the seafood store, no problem there! Get some huge Sea scallops, Old Bay, Cracked Pepper, your fav. hot sauce, and a jar of this awesome salsa made by Herdez, called Verde Salsa. It is a green salsa, however it is not to hot at all. In a bowl, put about
one cup of salsa, some shots of hot sauce, old Bay, some lemon, a little Olive oil, pepper to taste, Sea Salt, and mix that all up. Then wrap each Scallop in some thick county Bacon and use a tooth pick to hold it all together.When you put the scallops in a pan, put some wine or beer in the bottom for flavor, and it will also keep the scallops moist while cooking. After cooking at 350 for about 15 min, finish them off in the Broiler just for a minute or two. Guaranteed, this will be one of the best Scallop dishes you will ever try, FANTASTIC STUFF!!

Next, the Grouper. Now this was easy. I just made an aluminum boat and placed the large fillet inside of it. Added one cup of Verde Salsa, and one bottle of dark beer, some butter, and fresh herbs. Joe has a nice garden so we had fresh Thyme, Parsley, and Arugula, all great for Seafood.
I wrapped up the foil and put it in the oven at 350 for 45 minutes. I did the same thing with the Lobster, however I did NOT put the Verde sauce in the mix, just added a lot of fresh Garlic to the Lobster Boat. We did finish the Lobster off on the grill with some melted garlic butter.
We put together some great vegetable Ka Bobs as well as some straight Scallop skewers. Grilled them up outsode and served it all family style. The most important thing for sure was this wonderful Verde Salsa. I have seen it at most stores and can be used for a lot of things I think I will do it on Chicken when I get back to Hampton, it is just GREAT stuff, TRY IT!! Needless to say, this was one fantastic dinner, and the left overs made for one award winning omelet!!! So when the fish are not biting, it does not mean that we are not!!! We cooked up a feast all afternoon and had a ball.
Next up is Daytona Florida. I will leave today to go visit my Dad and his lovely wife Clarice Baugh. They stay down here a couple of months a year. I liked last nights dinner so much, I might try to fix it for them tonight.
Afterwards, I will be heading back for the 400th year celebration in Hampton Virginia. Hope to see everyone there this weekend. And don't forget the Hampton Boat Show coming up in early May!! See ya then!!
Jim Baugh

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