Sunday, April 15, 2007

My Sweetie Turns 18!!!!!

April 18th my sweetie Casey Baugh turns 18 years old!! I am posting this today because I will be on the road this week in FL, and fortunately celebrated with her today before I left. I can hardly believe my daughter is now turning 18, and leaving in only a few months off to college.

Gee, it sure does make me feel old!!!! Poor Too!! LOL

I can not be thankful enough for having the two best kids in the world. My daughter, is a 120% girl, all girl, with no less that 1,000,000 friends! Have the grocery bill to prove it. Casey has fished with her dad since she was a baby, she likes the water, but I think likes the hair salon better. Like I said, she is very much the young lady, handling fish was not her favorite thing to do in life. Now if you want to talk about the mall, that is something she is well versed at!!
It is true that Casey has me wrapped around her finger, that is ok, she has not been to rough on the old man. Great kid.

Thanks for being the best daughter a pop could ever ask for, and have a great birthday on Wed.

See ya when I return, Love ya

PS: Don't spend it all in one place.

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