Monday, April 30, 2007

Hampton In Water Boat Show This Weekend, May 5th

WE WILL BE THERE!!!! So should you! The Jim Baugh Outdoors Hampton\Suzuki Show Boat will be in water for display at the Hampton Public Piers this upcoming Saturday May 5th. We will be located right by the Cousteau Society near the dockmasters office. We will be easy to find, just follow the smoke!!
That is right JBO will be doing an in water cooking seminar starting somewhere around noon on Saturday. Betsy will be there to help guide me and cook up what will be one fantastic boat meal. We will have all sorts of on board cooking tips and will feature grilled Sea Bass and Tile Fish as well as Barbecue Shrimp, and a fantastic desert, that will remain a surprise. The boat drink will be Pina Coladas made with fresh Coconut! This feature will air as a part of the JBO2008 program series. Here is a pic of our barbecue Mango Shrimp-YUUUM!

The fish will be fresh, and just caught off of the Jill Carrie by Captain Jim Brincfield, and the JBO crew. Jim Baugh Outdoors is shooting an offshore trip this week and will be loaded up with tons of fresh fish.

If you have ever wondered how to cook a great boat meal, then this is your chance. Were gonna make it easy, nothing to tough to fix, and can be grilled up on just about any boat with a marine grill attached. Below is a pic of the main course, fresh Sea Bass with wine, herbs onions, and JBO fav. seasonings all in one convenient aluminum boat!! Easy and great fixens!!
The JBO Show Boat will be there along with the twin 250HP Suzuki Four Strokes, and we will be glad to answer any questions about our power plant. If you have not seen this rig yet, it is one you have got to see. She is a bute!! (Pic at Top) We are now readying her for the fast approaching offshore bite!! (Spadefish as well, our fav)
Hope to see everyone out this weekend.

For more info about the Hampton Public Piers just click the link below
See you this weekend on the Downtown Hampton Waterfront.
Tight Lines!


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