Friday, April 20, 2007

Amelia Island

Hello everyone!

Down here for a quick trip in Florida, had planned on heading back to Delray and Key West however finished my buiz, and cutting my trip short. One of my best friends and the first JBO advertiser (19 years ago) Joe Dudley lives here on Amelia Island, and I am visiting him for a few days over the weekend. Joe was GM of a large marine dealer when I met him and was one of the first Suzuki Marine dealers in Virginia.

Joe has three boats and we are planning to do some offshore fishing, however today she is blowing 30 knots with a little rain. So, we might try a little surf fishing, or just surfing! LOL. I was hoping to post some nice fish pictures today, due to weather, we have just been eating steamed Clams and cracked crab at this great little seafood bar somewhere south on Amelia Island. We have a pic above of the JBO show Vette parked in front. Hopefully the weather will break and we can get some good fish pics up. The Trout bite at night has been good right off Joe's dock, so we might try that.

I will wrap up here and head back in time for the 400th year celebration in Hampton next weekend, we will be shooting the event for three days for Jim Baugh Outdoors TV
If you happen to miss Jim Baugh Outdoors in Syndication this week, we have posted some new shows on line at out web site, here is the link

Yall have a gooden and we will see you on the water in Hampton this weekend!

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