Monday, January 26, 2009

Batter Up!!!

. One thing that goes great with Rockfish is Trigger fish! I had caught a lot of Triggers out of Hatteras this past fall and froze them in the Foodsaver Bags. Vacuum sealing fish is the best way to freeze your filet's. No doubt. If you have not tried using a vacuum sealer, do it soon. I use it for all sorts of food storage, and can really help you save on the grocery bill.

For the breader mix I use one bag of House Autry breader mix, and add two teaspoons of Old Bay, teaspoon of Gumbo File, some Jerk seasoning, and a teaspoon of blackening seasoning. Mix it all up and simply coat your fish with water and bread your filet's. Sometimes I will use a little egg mix for dipping the filet's in. However with fish this good, I usually skip the egg part.
Get your grandmothers cast iron skillet and fry away! I have had my skillet for about 15 years now. Could not live without it. A good tip for keeping your skillet in shape is to be sure you dry the pan very well after each use. Then use a little oil and wipe down the inside of the pan. 

Jim Baugh

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