Thursday, January 29, 2009

Offshore Deep Droppin For Sea Bass With Captain Jim!

RIP Captain Jim Brincefield

Original post from 2009

Don't put away those fishing rods just yet!!! We had a GREAT Rockfish season, and I am glad it is over for us. Because now we can concentrate on one of the best fish in the world, MONSTER SEA BASS!! The guru of this sport is Captain Jim Brincefield and is known for his Deep Droppin success for Sea Bass.

For those few that may not know what deep droppin is, well, it is what it says. Dropping your baits in deep, very deep water offshore. We were fishing in water depths of 300 to 800 feet. The main species that we caught were Sea Bass, Blue Line Tile, and even the Black Bellied Rose Fish.

Our trip took us out to the Norfolk Canyon area. We left in the dark, and rode back in the dark. This is a BIG day of fishing. Some anglers brought some electric reels, however we used what was on the boat. Captain Jim's reels were really in pretty good shape which is a bit rare for head boats. We had no problems at all with the gear.

The first mate was very attentive to everyone and made sure everyone was rigged right. The days catch consisted of a lot of huge Sea Bass. We had one fish that I did not know, really any idea what it was. So when I got back I called my friend Micheal Schwarz to see if he could pinpoint what kind of fish it was. He did get it, it was a Yellowfin bass. Anthias nicholsi. (Pic Below)Thanks Mike, having a marine biologist for a buddy sure can come in handy! Owe you some Sea Bass filets for that one.

The time is now!! If you want to get on a trip of a lifetime, don't miss the hot bite on the hot boat. With fishing, like most things you need to be at the right place at the right time. That time is now!

Tight Lines
Jim Baugh

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