Sunday, January 11, 2009

Mid Atlantic Rockfish Shootout!! Mega Fish-Mega Bucks

What is hailed as the largest Rockfish Tournament on the East Coast, or maybe even the world, shot off with a bang this week. Three days of rather fantastic fishing. With over $200,000 in prize money, anglers were eager to land the three biggest fish of the day.

There are two classes. artificial and an open division. Our buddy Max King held the lead in the open division, however on the last day got beat out and he took second place. Congrads to all the winners and congrads to Mike Standing and everyone involved with the Shootout. A fantastic event that just gets bigger every year.

Jim Baugh Outdoors was there and interviewed captains in both artificial and open class. The segments will air along with our new programming during second quarter 09, they will also be available to stream on
The placement winners are:

Artificial Class
1) Linda Kaye
148.25 pd

2) Gannett II
138.25 LB

3) Stray Cat III

4) E&H Steel

5) Harris Welding I

6) Harris Welding II

7) Hometown Realty I

Open Class

1) Just Luck III
121.40 LB

2) VB Contender I-Max King

3) Mod Squad I

4) Matador Charter I

5) Hapi Daze II

6) Bay Custom

7) Marlin Maniac

Total Tournament Payout: $209,240 Here is the breakdown:Articificial: 137 TeamsTotal Articifial Calcuttas: $90,315.00 Winner Take All: $9225.00 Level 1: $19,800.00 Level 2: $24,300.00 Level 3: $36,990.00 Open: 83 TeamsTotal Open Calcuttas: $43,425 Winner Take All: $5,310.00 Level 1: $11,925.00 Level 2: $12,600.00 Level 3: $13,590.00

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