Saturday, January 17, 2009

Cold Snap

Here at JBO Central on the Hampton River in Hampton VA, we have icy waters off our balcony. The cove is half way frozen over but the docks and boats are fine. They are all deep water and close to the channel and a good "sunny" area. Temps have been in the teens the last few days and we are expecting mid forties for Sunday. This is good, especially since we will be shooting Rockfishing off of Cape Henry tomorrow!
The Frostbite Challenge fishing Tournament is in full swing. This is a three day tourney and JBO Angler Mike Wilburn is fishing it. Reports today is a slow morning, with a couple of 40 inch plus fish caught around 11am. This is a popular tourney that follows after the Rockfish Shootout. For sure, with the temps right now, it IS a frostbite challenge!

We will be out tomorrow fishing with captain Steve Wray and looking forward to filling the boat up with huge Rockfish. The time is now to be fishing here. The weather has not been that bad at all until the last few days of very chilly weather. We will report on tomorrows big catch and tourney results on Monday.
For those of you that are in boats with cabins or enclosures and want to stay warm while trolling, try the heater buddy. We have used these propane heaters for years now and have never had a problem. They are very safe and put out GREAT heat. While fishing in the Pursuit, we can keep it an easy 60 degrees inside the enclosure, while it is 30 degrees outside.
They are really great and not expensive, most major hardware and sporting goods stores sell them. We will provide a link below.
Tight Lines, stay warm, and be sure to buddy up out there for safety. Nothing better than a neighbor while your fishing when the water is 40 degrees!
Jim Baugh
Heater buddy
Frostbite Challenge (Picture from day one of Frostbite Challenge Fishing Tourney 2009- Anyone want to grap the rod holder????)

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